BCHH-C Recertification

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Purchase one seat to submit payment for the recertification of your BCHH-C credentials. Following your submission of payment, you will be able to upload your CEU evidence to the Learning Center for approval. All CEUs uploaded should include title of education, date completed, number of hours, and certificate of completion. Once approved, you will receive an email notification with a copy of your renewal certificate and proof of your recertification on our BCHH-C verification website.

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Purpose of Recertification

NCBHH supports the professional development of its certificants. The required recertification process provides certificants with the opportunity to demonstrate enhancement of knowledge and skills. Recertification engages all certificants in ongoing professional development activities. To support this purpose, the recertification requirements suggest continuing education and professional activities that enhance ongoing professional development, recognize learning, and provide a process for both attaining and recording professional development achievements.

The purpose of the NCBHH recertification program is for certificants to demonstrate continued competence in their profession through one of two pathways:

The preferred pathway is for certificants to recertify by completing 18 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in the four domain areas covered by the certification exam over their three-year certification cycle. CEUs must be earned during the recertification cycle and must be relevant to the profession.

For further detail and information on Qualifying CEU Activities, please see the BCHH-C Recertification Handbook


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Purchase 1 seat to submit payment for recertify and submit CEUs for recertification. Fees paid by credit card will be processed right away. Certificants paying by check may select the “bill me” option at checkout and may mail in a check with the invoice. The recertification process will not begin until payment is received. Following purchase, you will be able to upload CEUs to the system for approval within the BCHH-C Recertification course in the Learning Center. Fazzi will notify you upon approval of your CEU submissions, providing your renewal certificate and proof of renewed credentials on the BCHH-C website.

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