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This 8-week program begins March 26, 2018

When new managers are appointed, employers often evaluate their technical skills or industry-related experience when determining their qualifications for the job.  However, managers need other valuable skills to effectively lead teams, including fundamental interpersonal skills.

In our new Management Plus training series, we expand on our Supervision Plus course and review the important interpersonal skills needed to be a successful manager.   Topics addressed include: 

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Running a successful a meeting
  • Resolving conflict
  • Successful communication and listening
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Delegating successfully

This is a highly interactive and engagement program that includes practice scenarios and real-life best practice tips from successful managers in the home health and hospice industry.  If you have recently been promoted to a supervisory or management position, or want to learn how to become a more effective manager, this course will help you master the basics of business by learning the language of management.

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As an online student, participants will participate in eight weekly course modules. Each module is guided by the course instructor and includes a combination of videos, handouts, activity sheets, group discussions, case scenarios, as well as live instruction. Students participate in a variety of activities, case scenarios, and readings as part of the weekly module segments. Attendees are not required to participate at specific times and dates, but rather may complete the weekly modules at their convenience. Any live bonus sessions conducted during the 8-week course will be recorded and posted for later viewing should attendees not be able to attend the live sessions.
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Contact Hours: Nursing

Topics: Supervision

Skill Level: Intermediate


March 26, 2018