Introduction to OASIS-D from Anita Werner from Fazzi Associates on Vimeo.

  • Module 01 - Introduction to the OASIS
  • Module 02 - Reimbursement and General OASIS Conventions; Patient Tracking Sheet; Agency Dates on the OASIS
  • Module 03 - Dates of Referral or Physician-Ordered SOC/ROC and Types of OASIS Assessments
  • Module 04 Part 1 - Inpatient Facility Information and Home Health Diagnoses
  • Module 04 Part 2 - PVD/PAD/DM, Therapies in the Home, and Hospitalization Risk
  • Module 05 - Vaccinations, Height & Weight, Living Arrangements, Vision, and Pain
  • Module 06 - Pressure Ulcers/Injuries
  • Module 07 - Stasis Ulcers and Surgical Wounds
  • Module 08 - Respiratory, Elimination, Neurologic, Emotional, and Behavioral
  • Module 09 Part 1 -Prior Functioning & Device Use and The OASIS Walk®
  • Module 09 Part 2 - Introduction to the GG Self Care and Mobility Items
  • Module 10 - Dressing
  • Module 11 Part 1 - Bathing
  • Module 11 Part 2 - Toileting
  • Module 12 - Transferring
  • Module 13 - Ambulation and Locomotion
  • Module 14 - Eating, Car Transfers, Picking Up Objects, Risk for Falls and Actual Falls
  • Module 15 - Drug Regimen Review & Follow Up, Drug Education, Oral and Injected Medication Management
  • Module 16 - Care Assistance, Therapy, Emergent Care, Inpatient Transfers and Discharge
Anita L Werner RN, COQS, BCHH-C, CHHCM
With over 30+ years of experience in home health and hospice settings as an RN, Anita has expertise ranging in all things OASIS and Coding. She has award recognition for efforts in education and quality improvement in home care as well as consulting services in education, clinical direction, and Coding/OASIS review services. She has been a key developer of OASIS education programming and comprehensive home health medical auditing for Fazzi Associates since 2009.
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8.2 hrs

Contact Hours: Nursing

Topics: OASIS

Skill Level: Intermediate

Instructor Name : Anita Werner, RN, COQS, BCHH-C, CHHCM